It’s important to the responsible for the ski area to invest in local projects when it comes to offsetting Co2 emissions. They have therefore commissioned the Ökoinstitut Südtirol to draw up some proposals for realisable projects. The decision was made in favour of the Bike2Work project in order to promote sustainable mobility in everyday life and also to reduce the CO2 emissions caused in the area and to make an active contribution to climate protection.

The main aim of the Bike2Work project is to sensitise locals to climate-friendly forms of mobility in everyday life and to initiate a long-term change in behaviour. The budget available for CO2 compensation is invested in financing this project.

We support those citizens who consciously switch from cars to e-bikes for their way to work. We started the first round in May 2023 and 10 e-bikes were issued. In 2024
The second round will start in May 2024. Due to the high demand last year, further 10 e-bikes were purchased from the lift companies.