The ruins of Hauenstein

O.v.Wolkenstein square 6 39040 Seis am Schlern
General description

At the foot of the might rock face of the Santner, hidden deep in forest, lies the legendary castle ruin of Hauenstein. The castel dates back to the 12th century and was built by the Lords of Hauenstein and enlarged in the 15th and 16th century. One of the owners was the famous minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein.
Today all that remains of the former glory are the castle walls, and yet the site continues to emanate a very special, mysterious energy.
According to an old legend, a secret passageway runs between the two castles of Hauenstein and Salegg. And every so often, or so they say in the area around the Schlern, you can hear the spine-chilling wails of a banished damsel.

Description to arrive at destination

The ruin Hauenstein is situated above Seis, at the foot of the Santner peak of the Schlern. You start at the bottom station of the Aerial Cableway Seis - Seiser Alm and follow the "Oswald von Wolkenstein" path. Until the ruin of Hauenstein it takes about 1 hour.

Author's tip
Curiosity - On the summer solstice on the 21st of June, when the rising sun appears over the horizon of the Seiser Alm the line of its rays creates a direct link between both castles of Hauenstein and Salegg.
Public transport
Seis can be reached from Bolzano and Brixen with the bus line no. 170.
Parking is available at the valley station of the Seiser Alm Aerial cableway (parking garage or open car park) and in the centre of Seis in the underground car park behind the Esso petrol station.
Since time immemorial, the mystical thrall of the Hauenstein and Salegg ruins has inspired tales of adventure in the realms of local legend.
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